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Accumulated Links

HTML5Pattern – A list of patterns that can be applied to many common form inputs  To celebrate the 12th birthday of metafilter @mathowie bought the domain of the first site ever submitted: Very long but good article about keyword research 6 Essential PPC Landing Page Optimizations Lessons From A Rewrite by Rebecca Murphey. I’m always impressed […]

Wrong To Right

Wrong to Right - A word game by Lance Kidwell

The other day I ran across some very old code and decided to push it up to the interwebs. It’s a game I wrote when I was first learning jquery. That said, I wouldn’t recommend using the code to learn jquery best practices. It works though! Check it out: Wrong to Right – A Word […]

Coding Ugly

I am a forest - by Gustav Klim

Sometimes it’s good to just hack. Don’t worry about scalability or maintainability, don’t sweat coding standards, ignore DRY but mutter YAGNI as often as possible – just duct tape things together as you think of them. It’s like sketching, but instead of a pencil you have a text editor. You pop around the control flow […]

Chrome Dev Tools Versioning

I was looking at this Chrome Dev Tools Cheatsheet that was put together by Boris Smus and Paul Irish when something caught my eye: I was instantly excited. This is a feature I’ve always wished for but couldn’t find in firebug – saving your changes while messing with things in the dev tools. I’ve always found […]

Twitter, SPL and Developer Wushu

In The 7 Kinds of Software Developer Wushu , Bob Warfield seven types of software developers and how they contribute to successful products. All of us are a mix of different skills, opinions and passions. Comparing yourself, either positively or negatively, to other developers is inevitable but not always helpful. I’ve often found myself discouraged […]

Pavlovian CTR Optimization

I found myself inadvertently mousing over to the red swoop in this ad every time I saw it today. I realized that my brain was catching the bit of red in the thin band of blue with white letters and impulsively moving the mouse over to click it. I don’t know if the designer of […]

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