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Twitter, SPL and Developer Wushu

In The 7 Kinds of Software Developer Wushu , Bob Warfield seven types of software developers and how they contribute to successful products. All of us are a mix of different skills, opinions and passions. Comparing yourself, either positively or negatively, to other developers is inevitable but not always helpful.

I’ve often found myself discouraged when I consider my skills compared to the people I work with. I work with a very talented mix of hackers, inventors, engineers and artists who can be intimidating in their profiligacy.

On a lighter note, Josh Mc writes six tips to gain twitter followers on the plumberSurplus.com eCommerce and Entrepreneurship blog. I’ve always loved that blog – it’s a rare combination of cutting edge internet marketing and ecommerce information as told by people in the plumbing supply industry.

One secret advantage they’ve been able to exploit – people interested in eCommerce and entrepreneurship are much more likely to have the means and desire to link to your content than plumbers, for obvious reasons. So instead of making a blog about their core product, they’ve focused on a topic that is more likely to collect links. They can then redirect all that precious google juice to interior pages with their post footer blurbs about Kohler fixtures and whatever.

In any case, the article is a good primer to show people just getting into twitter.

Finally, here’s a good tutorial about using the SPL exception classes in php. The SPL is a misunderstood and often ignored part of PHP that I’ve found useful for both reducing boilerplate code writing and avoiding “inventing” incomplete and broken implementations of common code patterns.