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CSS, Forms, Borders and Biographies

This is just a bit of internet mix tape of interesting things I’ve read recently:

Little CSS Stuff Newcomers Get Confused About

If you’re a pro, it’s easy to forget the confusion you felt when you just started learning CSS. Just for fun, let’s try and remember some of those little weird confusing moments. I’ll start us out by listing some random ones I remember and have picked up on while helping others recently. Then you folks take it from there in the comments.

These aren’t huge big things like broken layouts in IE or which vendor prefixes should you be using. It’s the little fundamental stuff, like tiny differences in syntax that change meaning in a big way.

The New and Improved Way to Create Forms with HTML5

Quick little listicle about some of the handier features available for forms with html5

The Fall of Borders and Bad Decisions

While it’s true that the book industry has changed, and that eReaders are a revolution, and even that the economy has been turbulent, none of these precluded Borders from being successful. In fact, it is how Borders reacted to each of those things that caused their failure.

How NOT to write a personal biography

Most of us have written a description about ourselves before, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or our CV. It’s not an easy task but it needs to be done, and it should always be evolving. Your bio should sell yourself and your story. It should show your credentials, your passion and expertise. It should be unique to you and you only. It should not be copied & handed out at whim.