Written by 6:00 am Miscellania

i am a csi addict

csi comes on a hundred times a day. i know this now, and so does my tivo-type contraption.

That’s ok, because i can’t get enough of the pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo. It’s good stuff. One thing I’ve learned: the mom did it. I don’t know what happened between one of the writers of CSI and his mom, but it wasn’t good. Mom’s off their kids with reckless abandon on that show.

Furthermore: I think i’ve finally caught up with all my ebay deliveries. I know the staff at the post office on a first name basis now.

But: that means my room is a mess, because i keep emptying out boxes to use them as shipping boxes, and their contents are strewn about all over.

In Conclusion: I need a better coffee machine.