Written by 5:00 am Miscellania

cows are moos, fish are neeemooos

Chile stood with his page of stickers in both hands, his face pressed up close, inspecting every one. He had a scowl of concentration written clearly on his face. THIS was an important decision. He had to choose which stickers he would use to decorate his new potty, and he wanted to choose the perfect ones. After a few (ok, ten) minutes he pointed at the froggy. I peeled it off and gave it to him, and he bent down and placed it carefully on the lid. He then realized how much fun it is to put stickers on things, so we put at least half the remaining stickers all over the thing.

After that, we showed him the device itself. He had some fun opening and closing the lid. Then he experimented with sticking his head in the bowl for awhile. I sat him down on it and he seemed to figure it out as he pretended to.. well, you know.. use the thing. I think we’ll call this a success.

Last night i put in an Ocean documentary for him to watch. He pointed at every fish on the screen and looked back at me, as if he were saying “”Whoa! A fish!”” He then started calling all of them Neeemoooo – so a few minutes later he rummaged thru the video drawer and found “”Finding Nemo,”” as it was now, obviously, time for the movie itself. (I think i have the movie memorized now)