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stiff neck

I purchased a years subscription to flickr yesterday. It really seems worth it, they have such a nice interface, and – the deal maker – they have a little application that can mass upload photos. so, as you can see, i now have a 5 random images from my photostream to your right. enjoy.

my neck is a bit stiff today. I had a minor accident the other day. some guy rear ended me as i was turning onto dougherty ferry. It didn’t cause much damage – just broke the plastic apron on his car and bent my bumper a bit.
I didn’t want to bother with it, and he was fine with not getting his insurance company involved.
But now my neck is very stiff – not painful, i can just feel the muscles when i turn my head. hopefully that will go away soon… oy.

Today, friday, Chile and i are going to Sears to get some 18 month pictures taken – so be on the lookout for those. I’m getting the whole 40 picture package – so i’ll be mailing some to interested parties.