Written by 5:00 am Miscellania

back against the wall

oy – threw my back out two and half weeks ago, i’m just now becoming mobile. that’s no fun.
Chili learned to clap last week. He claps (sometimes missing the target of course) and laughs and always looks around to make sure everyone is seeing this awesome display of skill. The other day i was sitting across the room from him and said “”Clap for me chili!”” He dropped his block and started clapping. Stunned silence ensued. At nine and a half months, he seems to understand what we’re saying. I’m impressed at least.
One little battle we’ve had this week is the “”Give Me Back My Toothbrush”” issue. When i brush his seven little teeth at night he grabs the brush and refuses to let it go. I guess it feels cool to bite those bristles. He gets VERY angry when you take it away from him.