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his word alone

Todays poll on the St. Louis Post Dispatch… I thought the wording was a bit strange:

Which side do you believe in the Kerry swift boat controversy?
52% JOHN KERRY — His medals and his word are good enough for me

29% KERRY’S CRITICS — Their story is too plausible to be made up

18% A LITTLE OF BOTH — The truth is probably somewhere in the middle

The part I thought was odd was the "His medals and his word are good enough for me" thing. Since when is the strength of his argument just "his word?" How about 35 years of public record, the testimony of people ACTUALLY ON HIS BOAT and the fact that every single one of the swift boat liars has serious credibility problems (like their funding, or the fact that they’ve said the exact opposite thing publicly in the past, or that they received medals for the exact same incident… etc.)