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she came home with a squirmy, big eyed package of fur and yips. ferris, the worlds most frightened dog. amy pulled this pup out of a box in front of a walmart a couple years ago. since then she’s been living at her grandmothers, but now is skoochin her poochy tail around our house. she’ll let me pet her and sort of poke at a toy if i dangle it in front of her schnozz, but for the most part [...]

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this doesn’t sound good

giant preschoolers in wrestling match

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success is less about having data and more about what you do with it. as mickey d’s finds out. i never eat at the place, but i’m thoroughly fascinated by it’s business practices. it has this odd illuminati sheen that speaks of the jungle in american corpratocracy. more on the beastone of the most interesting books i read this past year was fast food nation, a compelling look at something we don’t often think about.

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regional anthropology

there’s a cop outside with a dog. he was trying to drive out the wrong way when i came in. he didn’t smile.

in other news, much to amy’s suppressed joy, i found that there is a place that sells snow cones in kirkwood. i prefer that thick custardy stuff they sell here in stl – but apparently “”silver fox”” and “”dragon blood”” are delicacies that rival the eggy confection in rabid devotion around here. having spent the last few years [...]

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aching it

ach, anyway – where was i… avoiding amy’s plea for fireworks. i have a fanatical, but entirely financial, aversion to the things. buying things just to blow them up seems odd to me.i think this is my first 4 july in stl. last year i believe i was in ohio or somesuch, but i could be wrong. we’re trying to figure out what to do – with most holidays we just trudge to her aunts house for the obligatory scratch [...]

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