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regional anthropology

there’s a cop outside with a dog. he was trying to drive out the wrong way when i came in. he didn’t smile.

in other news, much to amy’s suppressed joy, i found that there is a place that sells snow cones in kirkwood. i prefer that thick custardy stuff they sell here in stl – but apparently “”silver fox”” and “”dragon blood”” are delicacies that rival the eggy confection in rabid devotion around here. having spent the last few years in california, i have to reinterpet these things thru a lens of cali-hippidia. “”ah, the natives are taken by this cup of ice – quite similar to the smoothie obsession we witnessed in the big valley some years back.””
regional anthropology is a big obsession of mine. i’ve yet to live in one place for more than three years, so i’ve developed a private hobby of cataloging various places eccentricities. for example, i have to go to milwaukee every once in awhile for work. i spend most of time in the office or hotel – but on my dallying about town i spend most of my mental meanderings on cataloging the locals habits. it doesn’t take long before you start to worry about their obvious penchant for cheese and other dairy related products. (witness the fridge by the counter of gas stations, sans popsicles, filled to the brim with “”cheese curds.””)