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aching it

ach, anyway – where was i… avoiding amy’s plea for fireworks. i have a fanatical, but entirely financial, aversion to the things. buying things just to blow them up seems odd to me.
i think this is my first 4 july in stl. last year i believe i was in ohio or somesuch, but i could be wrong. we’re trying to figure out what to do – with most holidays we just trudge to her aunts house for the obligatory scratch and smile. i think she’s having a barbecue this year. i know we’re going to avoid the fair stlouis – it’s way to hot to even consider such a thing.
i went to one of these vp fair things when i lived in this town as a child. i thought the vp was vip – but apparently there’s a veiled prophet involved. oy these catholic towns and their thirst for ritual.
ah – just remembered – i was in stl last 4 july – i just stayed in the house and stared at the dog. i remembered this in a moment of proustian rubbernecking when the image of a lone sparkler leaning dangerously close to the dry grass popped and fizzed toward my frontal lobe. the image, that is, not the sparkler.