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By Any Means Necessary

Fine Fine Fine – I’ll go to the Doctor already. I’ve been encouraged to seek professional medical advice regarding the inflamed throat and waves of nausea and fever I’ve been dealing with for two weeks now. After about the fourth person to lambast my lassaiz faire attitude toward my health, I figured, OK, I’ll go ask some quack if i’m going to die or not. Bah. It’s not like I have malaria or something! Well, Arcovio does… after coming back from Ethiopia a month or so ago he’s been dealing with the symptoms of some heretofore unnamed african cooties. Now, we know what it is – Malaria. Yikes! Good thing we don’t have misquitoes up here. Wouldn’t want to cause an epidemic…

So being sick, I’ve spent the last two weeks alternating between rolling out of bed and reaching for the excedrin bottle and reading. I read the “Autobiography of Malcom X” earlier this week, followed up with “Native Son.” Throw in a couple Chomsky tomes and you have the state of my mind lately. Fight the Power! The Malcolm X thing has lead to my listening to speeches of Him, James Baldwin and Jesse Jackson this week. I’m sorta studying their polemical skills, hoping to improve my own. When I grow up i wanna be an iconoclast, a cultural demagogue, the icon of my generation. Well, ya gotta dream, baby.