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filth and consequences

good morning. I have quite a list of things to do today. first on the list however is cleaning out my car. it’s totally trashed. i left three cans of coke in the back seat. it got so hot in the bay area that they exploded leaving coke residue on everything. so much for resale value. add to that the fact that my dog was all passive aggresive yesterday on the trip up here. she knocked her food and water dish over twice in the back seat. she almost went flying out the window. she better keep her crab helmet on for future reference. so i have to clean the upholstery in my car and pick up the various kibbles and bits and bits from the back seat. and then clean out all the spoils from my trip south.

I have two less teeth than i did this time last week. apparently i’ve had the easiest time with oral surgery in the history of the barbaric practice. It didn’t hurt when they were coming out and haven’t hurt since. i can feel that they’re gone – but it doesn’t hurt. i drove home less than a day after they were removed (5 hour trip) and haven’t had to break into the vicodin ving ving ving.