Written by 12:30 am Miscellania

I can smell the trees and they’re angry.

It’s spring – or some semblance thereof. Basically that means that the frigid rains of the north coast don’t happen everyday. Just every other day. I went to San Diego last week. Southern California. Everyone dresses better there.

But now I’m back up north. When I leave my house on a warm day it smells like nature outside. Like leaves and dirt and stuff. It reminds me of camping. I’m camping all year up here i guess. or something.

bah! not much else to say. I better get busy on my myriad projects. like installing this cd burner that’s staring angrily at me as i type this. It want’s to live. It’s ready to buuuurrrrnnn. So, i’m going to do that. Someday these entries will be interesting again. Just not today.