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europa europa

wednesdays go by and by… she’s still in spain.

today flew by. i only got a couple hours of sleep last night. I had to get up early to go over to the church to set up the computer. I traded my desktop for the church’s laptop. The desktop will be used to digitally record the services from now on. well, if we can get it working that is. So maybe soon you can log on to www.tpsh.org and hear little ol’ me teaching. what fun. so after settin’ that up. I went home to sleep. never got around to that. set up my new laptop until i got the call to go dine with the arcovio’s. after dinner i ran an errand until i went back to their house for a cell meeting. then after some stuff there came here and wrote this. that’s it.

well, here’s to a certain young lady coming home safe from europa europa.