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worst reply ever

I thought i’d try and get an estimate from Two Men and a Truck over the weekend.
At their website, they’ve thoughtfully decided to offer no hints whatsoever as to what I might end up paying. They do offer, however, a “”Quick Estimate”” form. Filling out this form resulted in a cheery reply that they’ll contact me by email someday in the future. That’s not what i mean by quick.
Today I received the email – there was no information in the body of the email at all. If I was a spam filter, i’d be awfully supicious.
The email included five (5!) attached word documents. Luckily I happen to have MS Office installed… tho my knee jerk reaction is to simply delete the email. Why should i bother?
In the interest of science I opened a couple of the attachements. The first was a long form letter vaguely alluding to the fact that I might pay their workers 92 dollars an hour on weekdays, 115 or so on weekends. Unless I need more men, then, of course… blah. That’s as far as i got.
The other attachments were a random assortment of forms to print out, checklist to peruse and the odd bit of marketing fluff.
So anyway, I think this could be made much simpler. Just shoot me a form letter (in the BODY of the email… that’s what it’s there for!) in which you bullet point the important information… namely, these are our hours, this is how much it costs, etc. Then a nice link or web address with the instructions “”Click here to Schedule a Move.”” Then, instead of having me print out a Word document, fax or mail or … well, i don’t know, do something with it, then making phone calls.. then… you see, i’m not sure where this process ends!
Lets enumerate some steps and get on with it. 1. Look at these prices… still interested? Good, then 2. Fill this out. 3. Ring Ring… Hello, you want us to do stuff for money, ok, how’s wednesday at 2ish? 4. Do stuff 5. Money changes hands, handshakes all around, cheers – hurrah hurrah! 6. Nothing. We’re done.
Instead, I just deleted the whole mess and got on with my life.
Speaking of which, i’m moving right now. And chile can crawl like a banshee. If banshees crawl.