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redesigned a friends website the yesterday. it’s his church out in St. Joseph, actually. he’s been pastoring out there for a year or so. i designed the old version – but i was sorely lacking. a table filled layout with not very much room left for content. the content was squeezed into iframes because of that lack of foresight. so now i did a css based, pretty site with plenty of room for actual content. joy.
in other news, amy and i went to see Pirates of the Caribbean last night. We went to the Kenrick 8 theater up on watson, which was a good idea because it was mostly empty. I thought the movie was great. It didn’t stoop to the audience, but kept it’s freak flag flying the whole time. Depp rocked, carving a character that captures only the best parts of the pirate stereotype.
amy thought it was… ok. (We’ve agreed on maybe three movies ever.) (one of those was office space) (she didn’t really mind Annie Hall, so that’s not total disagreement)(yeah, anyway)