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went, came back, going again.

Hmm… It’s terrible to start entries with brazen onomotapaeia isn’t it? I’m not sure if hmm qualifies tho. Anyway, had a boring weekend. I went out to stockton to visit people and such – people and such were around, but i didn’t actually do much. I was invited to a human scavenger hunt, whatever that is, but i declined because i only knew two people well who went, and two people only slightly. i called chey and she promised to call me back when she made the inevitable decision to put of studying – but i didn’t get her call. she claims to have called several times, but i never heard it. So i spent a night in a smelly hotel room reading, then went to church in the morning. talked to one friend for a few minutes and then left. i was planning on waiting around till evening for the evening service, but got caught in the inertia of driving and found myself at home around 2pm sunday. ah well… no fun. I’m planning on going out there during the week this week to look for a day job out there. we’ll see if that happens. i know this is all terribly important information and all.

Rivette rocks.