Written by 3:45 am Miscellania

The New Kitten

If I had to guess my dogs reaction to bringing a new kitten into the house, I would have many ideas. One I wouldn’t have is that the dog would be as thrilled as a five year old on christmas.
Abbie was instantly fascinated by this little creature. She didn’t act aggressive or worried. She just wanted to sniff the thing all night. We put the kitten upstairs behind closed doors. The dog sat at the door sniffing and crying for an hour. That got annoying so I forced her downstairs and put a box blocking the door.
In the middle of writing the above paragraph I was interrupted – having to chase her up the stairs as she had managed to climb over the box and make it halfway up.
What’s most odd, is that she doesn’t seem to act like it’s a squirrel or new toy to chase. When we do let her close she lays her head down next to the kitten and cuddles.
I never knew how much my dog wanted a pet.