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the gospel in other words

Blessed are the spiritually bankrupt; for God will appear when they least expect it. Blessed are those crying their eyes out; for someone is already on the way. Blessed are those quaking in their boots; for promises have been made and they shall be kept. Blessed are those who don’t have anything to show for their striving; everything has been paid for already. Blessed are the doormats; your mercy has been noted. Blessed are they that haven’t compromised; for God hasn’t given up either. Blessed are those that see the middle ground; for they shall be vindicated in the end. Blessed are those who have chosen the right path despite the consequences; Blessed Blessed Blessed!

Blessed are the fat, the ugly, the broken, the shamed, all those left in the ditch by the cruelty of others. Blessed are those who have had nothing to hope for, those who don’t deserve rewards, those who have been ignored by the popular and influential. Blessed are the lost and confused. Blessed are the unloved, the dying, those whose screaming falls on deaf ears, those without pedigree, without money, without means to change. Blessed Blessed Blessed!

What is good news? That everything will turn out like you’d expect? That the rich will get richer and the face of the poor will be pushed harder into the dirt? No! The good news is that everything has changed! The whole world has been turned upside down. The first shall be last, the last first; The exalted will be cast down, the oppressed lifted up; the whole complicated system of rewards and privelege has been overridden by something new.

What is this New Thing? Where is the New Creation? Christ claimed it was “at hand.” It’s right there waiting to be grasped. The kingdom of love has invaded the dark world of greed, intolerance and pain. When love is rare it is expensive. It is only offered to the highest bidder. When love comes to town – whether wrapped in human flesh or hidden in blessed words – it is free for the taking. The unlovable have access to love. Those formerly pushed away from the table have been invited to the feast.

This is the highest commandment: That you love one another. This is the good news: You are an other. Be loved. Be thankful. It has come to us!