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the bad, the good, the bad, then, appropriately, the good again

What a weekend. The client had a bad credit card in his registrar account, which caused the domain to expire. Luckily it was locked by the registrar so it was not snatched up by a ruthless domain hijacker. We reactivated it, but well, we’ve got a good 48 hours to sit and wait for propogation as 20 – 30 thousand in sales float away. That’s not a good thing.

Ok, here’s a good thing… bought a new computer. Pentium 4 3.06 gig with 1gig of memory and a 120 gig HD etc etc etc. Haven’t had a decent machine since… well, never. The computer I’m on right now still has parts bought in 97. Still want a mac – but that’ll be someday…

In less good news, my dog died. I’ve had her since I was 10 years old. I’m 25 now. She was a year old when we got her. That’s a 16 yr old dog. So it wasn’t unexpected, she had been falling down a lot the last few months. The vet said she had a brain disease, or possibly a stroke, that caused her to lose her sense of balance and direction. For the last couple of days she kept walking in circles, collapsing and forgeting where the door was, her dish was and so on. She had taken to sitting in front of the window staring at the trees while bobbing her head to one side. The vet said that the bobbing head was a sign of the disease. It’s like she had just jumped off a merry-go-round and the world was still spinning. Constantly. So it seemed best to let her go. Requisat in Pace, Pookie.

Back to good news; I’ve put the down payment on my new condo. It’s a gorgeous three story townhouse like thing with a finished basement for my office, couple of bedrooms, a huge kitchen with a *gas* stove (thank god for gas stoves.) The best thing is the location. It’s a block away from downtown Kirkwood. Kirkwood is a quaint little town in St.L suburbia full of little shops and restaurants. I can walk to the corner store, barbecue in my little garden and paint in the basement. joy.