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surface area

Amy and I went to the stlbloggers social type situation tonight. Amy wasn’t feeling well, but she was a good sport and decided to go with me. We met a lot of nice people. I mostly sat in my chair and every once in awhile would shout “”Hi, I’m Lance!”” at the nearest person. There would be quizzical looks, until we figured out what each others blogs were called.
I found my only good question was “”So, what do you do?”” which i hope wasn’t crass or invasive. Most of the conversations i had were about california, ironically enough. just about every one is “”from”” california these days. I know I am at least.
Afterwards, we went to walmart and picked up some dog food and a garden hose. It makes sense if you think about it.
By this weekend i’m going to add cookies to save comment information here and maybe add a search functionality. It’s slightly possible that i’ll add a category hierarchy too. Because i’m so IA.
No, that’s not Iowan. Did you know that, according to the almanac, people from Massachusetts refer to themselves as “”Bay Staters?”” People from Ohio refer to themselves as “”Ahyans.”” Do you know what people from Utah are called?