Written by 5:00 am Miscellania

so much to not say

so after a week of being without this faithful chronicle, i’m utterly unable to remember all those delightful and amusing things i wanted to say but couldn’t.
one thing i can’t remember is why it was so significant that i woke up late one night suddenly seized by the, at the time, impossibly enthralling idea that… “”a circle is a shape in which all points in the perimeter are equidistant from the center.”” Yes, that was my thought. Apparently i had some fascination with that and the idea of eternity, or possibly infinity… and something about that paradox… some greek guy’s paradox… and how a circle can not exist in the material world except in some quantum microscopic level… ah… anyway, that’s a circle for you.
i also probably had something to say about food… but who knows why or what.
it’s very likely that i would of complained bitterly about a host of things, including the fact that my forum for complaining bitterly was unavailable.