Written by 6:00 am Miscellania

prairie dogs at the zoo

– you can’t have one.
– why not?
– where would you put it?
– in a tupperware bowl, on the counter, or under the bed.
– it’d suffocate.
– no, i’d leave the lid off.
– then, it would run away.
– no it wouldn’t, it would love me and want to be with me forever.
– you can’t catch one anyway.
– yes i can, they don’t have anywhere to run.
– see those holes? they can run down there.
– they have to come out sometime, and i’ll be waiting over the hole with a tupperware bowl.
– they’d bite you.
– their mouths are too small.
– your fingers aren’t that big.
– i’d be too fast for him.
– he’d squirm.
– look, one’s coming over here. c’mere little dogie.
– dogie’s are cows.
– he’s a prairie dogie not a cow, silly.

prairie dog: a small american rodent (cynomys ludovicianus) allied to the marmots. it inhabits the plains west of the mississippi. the prairie dogs burrow in the ground in large warrens, and have a sharp bark like that of a dog.