Written by 5:00 am Miscellania

on the benefits of ownership

i have a decent job. it pays the bills and i don’t have to get dressed or show up anywhere at any particular time. that pretty much sums up the meaning of the phrase ‘good job.’
however, lately, i’m starting to think that i need to dip my hands in a little risk. not major risk, we’re talking sure thing – chili mac won’t starve – type risk. i need to have an ownership interest in something more than a vanity web dev company. i need the possibility of succeeding loudly and violently when my ideas work.
i can’t ignore the importance of a steady paycheck, and i’m not intending on losing that. i just need to know that in five years i’ll have more at hand than a modest savings account and a pile of cancelled checks.
i want to own my life, not just rent it out week to week.