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Monopoly: Real Life Edition

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In an attempt to keep the game relevant, they’ve changed a few rules to better reflect modern times. In the new version, one player is chosen at random to be the banker. That player owns all of the properties and has all of the money.

The other players attempt to make it around the board without losing the 200 they get for passing "Go." If you run out of money you can borrow from the bank, but amount you owe doubles every round until you pay it off.

If you land in jail you only get 20 dollars when passing Go for the remainder of the game.

At any time the banker can announce a "Lay Off" round where one player does not get paid. If that player draws a medical emergency from the chance pile he immediately loses all of his money and declares bankruptcy.

The goal is go to get around the board as many times as possible without going bankrupt. The last player standing comes in second place. The banker always wins.