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mental floss

I spent a little time this weekend editing the video of Max’s first swimming experience. He’s deathly afraid of baths but has no problem being dropped into a 1000 gallon hole in the floor. We propped him up on this inflatable ring thingy and let him kick his legs and swim around. After an hour or so he was deliriously exhausted. He slept well that night.
I bought a carpet steamer this past week, so Amy spent sunday steaming the carpet and generally being horrified by how black the water was getting. There are some things you are just not meant to know – how dirty your carpet is – is on the list.
In happier news, it’s finally warm enough to fire up the grill, which i’ve been doing every night. Last night i grilled Teriyaki Chicken breasts, then we chopped them up and wrapped them with lettuce and what not. On sunday I made barbecue pork steaks, which makes me officially a native St. Louisian apparently. I had know idea what pork steaks were until just recently, but now i’m happily basting them with Maull’s Barbecue Sauce.