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light out

We’re heading toward 48 hours without power at our house. Second power outage in a month. bah.
The boy is at his Great Aunt’s house for the duration. Last night i went over there to hang out with him during a Mary Kay party in the next room. He’s gotten a wee bit nuts lately. He was throwing blocks from one side of the room to the other, then chasing them, batting them around, throwing a toy radio and cackling maniacally when it bleated out sesame street tunes.

He tried his hardest to figure out how to put the top of… well, some kind of toy.. back on. He doesn’t quite have the coordination yet, so he went for a more brute force approach. He beat the thing for awhile and then threw it across the room.

After that he tried out his book opening and closing skills. Nothing in the world is more fascinating to him at this time then things that swing open and shut.

After an hour or so he realized that he was hungry so he started racing into the kitchen where his mom was screaming “”MAMAMAMAMAMAMA.”” Chili knows how to get a point across.

He spent the rest of the night laughing his head off and waving his arms around. Apparently something about a Mary Kay party is hilarious to the diapered set. He likes to make his “”Birdie”” sign now. It’s where he points with one finger and nods his hand up and down. While hysterically laughing of course.

All in all, he’s the most insanely happy person i’ve ever met. How he got that from two generally morose and moody people i’ll never know.