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Ideas are a dime a dozen

It’s common for the "business" people to have an idea and think that’s what they’re bringing to the table. I’ve had guys approach me to offer 5-25% equity in their imaginary company if I’ll just build the product for free.

My response is, generally, "How about I build this and hire you when I’m done to sell it?" They’ll protest "But this is my idea!" Who cares? Ideas are worth absolutely nothing. I have stacks of ideas that are gathering dust because I haven’t had the time to do anything with them. Why should I suddenly stop everything and try to make you rich with my skills and then, inevitably, watch you try to screw me later if it works? Because you had an idea? Awesome – go to the library and check out PHP for Dummies and see if you can execute it.

Sales that haven’t occurred are also worth nothing. If you want me to work for you, you need to bring something to the table – a paycheck, capital in the bank, connections or contracts that have been signed on the line that is dotted. Otherwise you’re just a loser in a suit looking for a handout.

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