Written by 5:00 am Miscellania


Fuzzy buzzy feelin’ in my brain
some say it’s heaven
some say it’s pain
I da’ know, ’bout all ‘dat
all I know
is all da’ cool cats
feelin’ smooth feelin’ fine
chug double capps like sippin’ wine
Chalky chunk of chipped choice
malt milk bean blend
blunder of blemished bland
sold in thick crystal
with foam hats
and beanspeck sillhoette
an’ lovin’ every minute (that just flies by)
Where ya’ been, sven
been keepin’ it hot
three cups in the pot
until we saw you again

I been dreamin’, schemin’,
of master plans
aluminum cans
a girl named wilma, even

all the old codger’s
sippin’ they brew
thinkin’ of you
wilma and buck rodgers

wunnerin’ much
bout’ ya’ life
if ya’ got a wife
a home an’ such