Written by 5:00 am Miscellania


Max really likes to dance. Well, to house and tribal music at least. If I play some bob dylan or anything like that he’ll sit on the floor confused. But when I was playing with winamps internet radio stations the other day – whenever i hit on some electronic club type music he’d bolt up, throw his hands in the air and wave ’em around like he just didn’t care. he’d giggle and shake his diapered butt around as he bobbed his head to the beat. My goodness, my baby is a raver.

The only non-club kid music he likes is when i hum lullabyes to him at night. This is only when he has the screamies and whoop-n-holler’s (usually a sign of a too long delayed bed time), i’ll drape my arm over him and try to hum random lullaby sounding things.

I used to attempt to sing the lyrics… but that’s not my strong suit. They’d usually come out like: “”hush little baby.. mmnnhh a word… daddy’s gonna … uh.. buy .. um… lemon drops?”” so i just dropped the words and just hum. Last night, after i stopped, he continued to hum the tune himself. Well, sorta – he’s not big on pitch modulation, so he just mono-toned it – but you could definitely hear the beat and syllables: “”mnn mahh ma ma ma maaahhh mnnh ma ma ma ma maa maaaaaahhh…”” After a few minutes of that he drifted off to sleep.

Last night, he got to ride in my car facing forward for the first time. I bought a new car seat for my car so we could go visit mommy at work. He was utterly confounded by the experience. I kept looking back at him – he was gripping the arm rests tightly, staring straight ahead. I think he’ll get used to it.

Remind me to post the pictures of him sleeping all snuggled up with the cat – they’re priceless.