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creek of conciousness

work and stuff. gotta lotta to doo. this and that. money makin and just cause i’m nice like that stuff. webpages mostly. got stuff in the works. explode onto the world. kaboomism. impact negligible. hot. muggy. midwest blues. various. pizza. regrets. pookie. pees alot. fuzzy. pants out the window. computer. vicarious socialization. maine? maybe. ohio? maybe. grandma’s birthday. KC? it’s possible. gotta find the ground. like swimming. too deep. descend. terra firma. fermy. updike. stretch. coff. also. clean. newspapers. clutter. everyday more. all i want is the comics anyway. give me shelter. pain. absolute darkness. sleep. uncommon. choices. sever lack of will. tires. going bald. not me, the tires. danger. books. writing. so many words. days are just so many numbers. keep it up. surrender. mind loosens. falls. no finality. finish line exceeded. general protection fault. blue screen.

blue screen.