Written by 6:00 am Miscellania

boys vs. girls

Max seems to be getting the concept of sex differences, somehow. Last night he was drawing happy faces. He drew one in blue and one in pink. He told me “”Daddy is blue; Mommy is pink!””
Later that night he found a book I borrowed from a girl. It’s He’s just not that into you. It’s a pink book. At first he asked me “”Is this movie?”” I said no. He flipped thru the pages, then looked at the (pink) cover. “”Hmm… this book is for girls.”” He said as it put it back on the table.
He’s really fun now that he can talk. This morning, when i turned the lights on. He squinted and said, very seriously, “”Light is too bright. It goes in my eyes!”” Just random phrases, but they sound funny at the time.