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bad news

not the best day, i’ll say. amy woke me up this morning at the crack of dawn and said, “”Get up and take me to my grandparents.”” We had been planning to go there today, however, much later in the day. I blinked and was about to ask “”Why?”” when I saw the tears and instantly knew why. Her grandmother passed away this morning. We spent the day with her grandfather and uncle and the guest who came by to console and be with them.
When we got home i found out that my cable and internet had been cancelled. i called the cable company and was told that the plug had been pulled due to non-payment. the problem is, i did pay them. i explained that a tech had come out to my house last week when i was having problems with it, and in the course of setting up that appointment i had asked the csr if my account was up to date. he said yes, it was paid. so, yeah, i was ticked. i asked when they could turn it back on, and they said “”Thursday.”” now a week without the internet is a drag, but a week without the internet when you work at home and your job is founded on the idea of you being on the internet is more than a drag. i told them i wished to cancel everything, and a couple hours later a tech was at my door to let me know that everything was back online…. i’ve found their secret!