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arch support

I have to update because everyone else did. even those superslackers like jason and nadia. It’s amazing! Not that i have much to update about. i had a bunch of interviews all week including a long boring one at Anhueser Busch.
I’m hoping to get the sign one where i’d design signs and billboards. That sounds nice and weird. I’ll take any of them tho, cause of that rent issue and all.
big issue.
someday i’m going to go downtown and touch the arch. / woo. st.louis is completely defined by it’s archiness. every piece of marketing dreck that floats thru this town riffs on the arch motif. even my website. see!
it’s good to see that shakespeare made it to the top twenty favorite authors on diaryland. the old boy needs all the props he can get. very few people like him and all. not like he’s the second greatest influence on english lit or something. i went thru my profile to see what sorta people like the stuff i like. this chick who doesn’t exactly update her diary seems to hit a lot of my interests. which i thought was novel, until i realized how unoriginal i am. skimming the various matches i found that theres a startling symmetry to most of the entries. I’m part of some posthip uberculture or something. thats depressing. or not. whatever.