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Fixed up the story link to the left there. Not that you can tell, of course, but I made it easier to admin. The “”Story of the Day”” varies from day to day, now. Fixing up the loose ends here.
In other news, I bought a washer and dryer. I figure it will pay for itself in the first month or two, in money if not in time, and my Wash and Fold service will dearly miss me. I found an ad in the classifieds. It was placed by a strange little appliance company in Overland. I drove up there through the blistering promenade of Frontenac, across the fast food ghetto of Page Avenue and into the narrow streets of a declining suburb. The store was not exactly Home Depot. A collection of refurbished appliance vaguely lined up in a storefront. I told the … well, i think he was salesman… that I wanted a washer and dryer. He pointed to the washer and dryer set in front of me. “”How about this one?”” He asked.
“”Um… Ok, do you deliver?””
“”Sure, I’ll bring it over tomorrow.””
And I wrote a check.
I’m not exactly the world’s savviest shopper.
It’s not that bad a deal I guess. About 200 bucks for a refurbished Whirlpool super capacity set and a six month warranty.
When I got home I called the cable company. Again. I’ve spoken to them at least 10 times in the last two weeks. Again, nothing works. My menu doesn’t come up, if i change the volume it changes the channel as well, the off button is more of reboot button (just turns it off and back on.) A cable guy is coming out here tomorrow. Maybe he’ll help me set up my washer and dryer too.