About Lance Kidwell

Lance Cameron Kidwell is the author of muddylemon.com

Lance Kidwell, the raconteur responsible for muddylemon.com, is a coder, entrepreneur and thinker who lives in St. Louis.

Lance writes about the connections between technology and culture. His blog, muddylemon.com, has been continuously published since the late 1990s.

Popular posts on this blog include:

Lance works for Answers.com as a Senior Software Engineer where he has the opportunity to experiment and innovate with the benefit of the enormous scale and reach of Answers.com. Lance serves on the steering committee of StartLouis, a St. Louis based organization that supports the startup scene in St. Louis.

In his spare time, Lance enjoys writing useful online tools, experimenting with clever apps and generally making a digital mess on the internet. He also spends the best parts of his day with his beautiful wife, Amanda, and sons, Maxwell and Sagan.

If you need to contact Lance, you can reach him on twitter @muddylemon or email him by using his first name, followed by that twitter handle, and I think you can figure out the rest.

A Note About The Images On This Site

I try to find appropriate and visually striking illustrations to complement my writing. Usually I do this by browsing the creative commons licensed work on Flickr and other image sharing sites. I try hard to publish appropriate attribution and a link to the artists website when I can. If you see an image that you think violates one of these rules, please email me and let me know. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Other images, like those used in my landing page series, are purchased from stock illustration sites like veer.com. Again, if you see an image used without appropriate attribution, please let me know.

Copyrights And Wrongs

Everything published on muddylemon.com is copyright Lance Kidwell, the author of muddylemon.com. Linking to muddylemon.com is appreciated, and all fair use rights like parody, criticism, citation, mockery, commentary and whatever else you want to inject into the conversation are encouraged and will be met with an honest answer. Please do not copy my writing for publishing on any other website or offline means without asking.

Comments made on muddylemon.com are the opinions of either their authors or the talk show host the author listens to every day. I don’t accept responsibility for any nonsense that anyone writes except for my own.

Stories told on muddylemon.com are presumed to be fictional. Even stories that sound true should be subjected to careful scrutiny. The memory of the author is far too fallible to recall details reliably, but he manages to get the gist of it in the end.

If you feel you or your silly opinions have been given the short shrift, you may complain at length on your own website or on twitter or the venue of your choice. However, harassment and creepiness will not be tolerated.

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