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21st Century Profiles

Louis himself is the continuity: his jittery consciousness, floating through the aftermath of divorce, which operates as a kind of second adolescence, this time complicated by kids and the fear of death.

From a profile of Louis C.K. in New York Magazine.

Follow that with a look at Ron Conway, the scariest man in silicon valley:

What emerged was a portrait of an intimidating man who has more power in Silicon Valley than many outsiders know and many insiders feel comfortable with. What also emerged is that, as with many powerful people, Conway’s influence comes from a combination of positive forces and negative ones. Many people in the Valley want Conway’s help. Many people are also so scared of him that they won’t risk crossing him.

And finally, an interview with Tim Ferris in boingboing:

And what you find is the preferred life plan which is based on retirement and redeeming these experiences, which are most valuable in your peak physical years, is a false paradigm. It’s a very Faustian bargain and bad bet. So when I say that having incredible experiences, once in a lifetime experiences, is generally less expensive than people think, it simply comes from sitting down and costing those out.

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