Rummaging Around An Old Hard Drive

Old Muddylemon Masthead

I couldn’t find any usb drives tonight so i brought out an old external hard drive. That picture is one of the first “mastheads” of circa the late 90s.

I also found this poem from the same time period:

Different Person

i used to be a different person, I used to have different thoughts
I’m not sure if i changed characters, or merely shifted plots;

I used to be a different person, I was someone I once knew
I don’t remember changing, I doubt I really grew;

I used to be a different person, I lived in another place
I died, I disappeared, I barely left a trace;

I remember my former self, in flashes at times
I see myself speaking as if i’m reading lines;
I can’t remember my old motivations
I can barely sense those old sensations
I was who I would be, without knowing why
and now I wish I were who I was, or was it just a lie?

Lance Cameron Kidwell

30 January 2012

Posted in Connections

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