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How To Find New Customers Online

How do you get your product or pitch in front of potential customers online?┬áIt comes down to “Where are your users?” and for each answer to that question “Can I afford to reach out to them here?”

Most people who know the gist of online marketing, but haven’t tried it, will say “Google Adwords!” Unfortunately Google ads are priced at exactly what companies bigger than yours with more cash to use can afford. Google is as close to the definition of [...]

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Explanations are a UX Smell

Have you ever added someone as a “Contact” on Flickr? It’s a confusing experience. The core of the problem is the word “contact.” When I call someone a “contact” I assume that I’m going to… well, “contact” them at some point.

That’s not at all what a contact is for on flickr, though. It’s really more like becoming a fan or a follower on other services. It’s probably most like adding someone to a circle on google +.

At the time that [...]

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