This Week’s Reading

ThinkBack, Playing with ThinkUp’s New API

The newest beta of ThinkUp adds an API to the app for the first time, allowing developers to easily build apps on top of data coming from ThinkUp.

The JSON API was created by Sam Rose, a 20-year-old student from Wales and an active contributor in the ThinkUp community. His 7,000 line contribution — composed of 40% new tests and 40% documentation —earned him first place in the ThinkUp bounty contest and a brand new iPad 2. Congrats, Sam!

I thought it’d be fun to try building a hack with his new API, so I made a simple visualization of your entire Twitter archives in ThinkUp — ThinkBack, a ThinkUp-powered time capsule. Take a look at my history, or on the@whitehouse account to get the gist.

SEOMoz shows some impressive recruitment copy with pictures and really good job descriptions that make it sound like an exciting place to work.

And a big list of PPC ad testing resources at the Click Equations blog. 

Lance Cameron Kidwell

6 May 2011

Posted in Miscellania

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