jFormer – interesting php/jquery form creator.

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There is, of course, no shortage of form building, validating and processing libraries. Zend has one that takes out the complexity of building a form and replaces it with more, but different, complexity. Most of the major frameworks have one. Most developers I know have considered or actually built something like that once or more times (this one included.)

Nevertheless, optimist that I am, I thought I’d check out jFormer. A form library that promises to simplify the building and use of forms.

It does seem nice so far. It encapsulates the most annoying bits in a way that makes sense without requiring you to learn a half-assed syntax to make up for the developers laziness. That’s really the point that annoys me about most other form libraries.

jFormer has a straightforward implementation that relies on jQuery on the front end. They have a nice collection of demos that will have to serve as documentation for now.

Lance Cameron Kidwell

2 March 2011

Posted in Coding

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  1. you might also want to check out an alternative called Zebra_Form at http://stefangabos.ro/php-libraries/zebra-form/ – easy to get going with and having GREAT documentation

    Stefan Gabos

    2 June 2011 at 19:39

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