print problems

I really hate printers.
I have a Color Laserjet 5m – quite dead. I replaced every piece inside it – figured out the board is bad. It thinks the parts are all bad, so it won’t print.
I also have a Lexmark black and white laser – didn’t work for quite awhile, just because the toner costs more than the printer. I finally found some toner on ebay for it, so it’s back and happy.
Printer 3 is an HP officejet all-in-one – quite dead. If you plug it into any computer, it murders that computer. Shuts it down without blinking.
I just bought a new HP inkjet today, because…
I decided to be clever and printed up some color letterhead on an oki laser at my former office. I thought i’d then print out the black and white stuff at home at my leisure. Oki uses a wax based toner tho… so when you run it thru a laser again… it melts the letterhead.
yeah, so i hate printers.

Lance Cameron Kidwell

22 March 2005

Posted in Miscellania

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