Archive for August 30th, 2003

p rank

Not that i’m vain – but seeing jump from 2 of 10 to 3 of 10 in google page rank just made me believe that maybe, just maybe, google loves me.

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bad news

not the best day, i’ll say. amy woke me up this morning at the crack of dawn and said, “”Get up and take me to my grandparents.”” We had been planning to go there today, however, much later in the day. I blinked and was about to ask “”Why?”” when I saw the tears and instantly knew why. Her grandmother passed away this morning. We spent the day with her grandfather and uncle and the guest who came by to [...]

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keepin it real

is there anything more horrible than RealPlayer? I’m serious, is there any more leechy, desperate, annoying, sleazy and underhanded product on the marketplace?

i just installed a program a my computer that was helpfully “”bundled”” with the evil RealPlayer. Now i have realplayer links in my start menu, a whole bevy of new realplayer favorites, a link to realplayer in my “”links”” folder as well, an icon of it on my desktop and a copy of it sucking memory down [...]

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