Archive for March 3rd, 2003


I’ve moved!

In more ways than one at that…

First – I’ve moved to a new condo. You can see it and rejoice here.

also, i’ve moved to a new personal website. That, my friends, you can see here.

that’s it for this diary… the blog has taken over.

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mornin’. my schedule is fluctuating wildly. i tend to get over focused at night and end up working until morning. which means i sleep until the afternoon. which means i have a half dozen messages when i get up.

unless, like today, the messages wake me up. then i drag myself out of bed, work thru the moderate store of energy my sleeping provided and then hit a wall after lunch and end up staring at the wall for minutes at [...]

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love cliches

“”Perfect love casts out fear…”” Inversely then, fear casts out love. It’s fear that keeps us from loving others. Fear of our own unlovableness, fear of rejection, fear of what we might do if given half a chance…

“”Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”” Inversely then, love yourself as much as you love others. Be as compassionate, understanding and forgiving of yourself as you are to those around you. It’s the lack of loving ourselves that stands in the way [...]

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