Angel flyin’ too close… Aaagh, stop it!

I’ve been humming way to much Willie Nelson lately. Usually that’s a telltale sign of clinical depression, but I think the opposite is the case here. It’s a manageable obsession, I don’t think any prescription drugs are called for yet.

…brief aside…

Updike’s great skill is in creating characters that you mistakenly remember as real people. I think of Rabbit in a manner different than I think of Raskolnikov or Zuckerman. Fully formed characters that act out their lives with, well, not a consistent perspective, but a highly personal and original perspective. His characters are as pained and shifty as the people I know in real life. I’m finally getting around to reading Rabbit Remembered – what’s amazing is that the reader remembers Rabbit with as much ambivalence and tender nostalgia as his fictional son, wife, illegitimate daughter and friend/competitor.

… ok, I’m done…

It’s almost daylight and i’m thinkin’ about a girl…

Lance Cameron Kidwell

21 December 2002

Posted in Miscellania

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