mad culkin blues

Conversation with Insane Person:

EminemLL2002: HI.

Lckidwell: hi


Lckidwell: i guess so

EminemLL2002: are u a fan of macaulay culkin?

EminemLL2002: i was just wondering

Lckidwell: i don’t know if that’s possible anymore

EminemLL2002: cause i read what u wrote your profile

EminemLL2002: what u mean?

Lckidwell: has he done anything to be a fan of?

EminemLL2002: yeah..he made a lots of he is doing one right now

EminemLL2002: in manhattan.

Lckidwell: no, my profile is more ironic than anything

EminemLL2002: oh so i am guessing..that ur not a fan of his..u just making fun of him right?

Lckidwell: basically

EminemLL2002: oh okay…are u trying to be the next eminem?

EminemLL2002: cause thats what eminem does…make fun of people

Lckidwell: no, i’d like to be the third or fourth eminem

EminemLL2002: them the world would end

Lckidwell: lets hope so

EminemLL2002: and u be to old

EminemLL2002: u got to become famous now before u get old…

Lckidwell: i’ll keep that in mind

Lckidwell: so i take it you are a fan of culkin

EminemLL2002: or before someone …steel your lines

EminemLL2002: yeah DUH! i even know where he lives

Lckidwell: do you stalk him?

EminemLL2002: no not really

EminemLL2002: i just watch him

Lckidwell: why do you like him?

EminemLL2002: DUh..i want to have his baby

EminemLL2002: well let me keep on dreaming

Lckidwell: sounds like a good plan

EminemLL2002: O:-)

EminemLL2002: why u being jealous of him?

Lckidwell: um, sociopolitical differences i guess

EminemLL2002: i see.

EminemLL2002: i see that u dont know much about him

EminemLL2002: so what gives u right to make fun of him?

Lckidwell: no, don’t follow his stunning career that closely

EminemLL2002: besizes jealouings

EminemLL2002: what?

EminemLL2002: i am takeing actiing get close to him…

Lckidwell: i’m sure he’d be thrilled to know that

Lance Cameron Kidwell

24 May 2002

Posted in Miscellania

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