permanence and impermanence are not opposites

My dog is staring at me.

that’s ok. my life has been blurring a bit lately. days running into each other, jostling each other for prime space, hurrying the next day, cutting short the former. I need to find some sort of day job. the job market is extremely tight around here. it’s just the inevitable fall out from importing thousands of people to man the controls of all those companies that have faded into history over the last year. i figure there is at least 50k other people with similar skill sets around here taking my jobs before i can get to them. i’ll survive tho… hopefully.

i’m thinking about enrolling in film school. once i find a job and a semiperm place to live. there are quite a few schools with film dept’s around here. only the one’s with open enrollment are possibilities tho. that leaves CC of SF, DeAnza, Foothill and a couple others. maybe i could get an AA there and move to something more substantial afterwards. just thinking still…

well, that’s about it for now… be kind.

Lance Cameron Kidwell

9 November 2001

Posted in Miscellania

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