Use the Word Simulacra in a Sentence

Poem for Amanda

hungry moments
passed waiting for her
an imagination stretched
across a continent

a voice thats carried
over wires
and likewise
the simulacra of a voice
without the intonation

atypical wondrous spires
of light and electricity
>create in my eyes ears
especially my minds eye
one so tender and so real
as you

Y’know what’s the worst song on earth? Desolation Row. It could be a perfectly fine song – only it’s soooo ungodly long. Especially in the live versions. For some reason, good ol’ Bob decided to finish the song with about ten minutes of indiscriminate huffing into a harmonica. Oy.
I just got back from a meeting with a guy at a hosting service up here. I should have some web space soon for my new company. Now I have to make the website for it. So that’s what I’ll be doing for the next coupla’ days. Peace.

Lance Cameron Kidwell

9 January 2001

Posted in Miscellania

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