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Stocktown Blues

So I went down to Stockton for a couple days. It was nice to see all my old friends variously assembled. It was a rather rushed trip. I just ran about the city saying hi to friends and reliving some former days.

Eureka Blahs

Now I’m back on the North Coast. I went to an interview today at a little startup in downtown Eureka. They seemed like nice enough people but I didn’t feel very good about the whole vibe there for some reason. They want me to send some more examples of my work – but I think I might just ignore this one. I didn’t come all the way up here to do the same old thing. I won’t decide anything until tomorrow.

Black Water

I’ve decided to take up drinking coffee. Probably won’t last all that long. But now that I have a coffee maker I thought I’d put it to some use. Try to wake myself up a little.

Lance Cameron Kidwell

30 January 2001

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